Saturday, November 19, 2011

What the C-suite Needs to Know about Fraud: Elevator Pitches

Over the coming weeks, I'll be using this blog to suggest a set of "elevator pitches" relating to bank fraud management. This episode gives some background, as well as Pitch #1.

For most of my colleagues in banking, this is a stressful time of year. Yeah, the holidays are upon us. Yeah, the kids have holiday shows and final projects to prepare for. Yeah, there is a long list of presents to buy. Yeah, the home team is one game away from a bowl. For bankers, atop all of that, this is prime-time budget and planning season. Their fate is determined for at least the next 12 months through a gauntlet of analysis and discussion about prioritization, roadmaps, and funding.

The same is equally true for my colleagues in the software industry as they determine what the future holds for their products. Even us consultants get together for tealeaf-reading sessions, trying to anticipate the coming needs of our clients.

This period can be exhausting, but one great side-effect is that a bunch of senior people put their heads together. This is a perfect opportunity for people across the organization to educate each other and especially the C-suite on "whats hot" in their area.

In between discussions, in halls, elevators, conference rooms, and on conference calls, there is inevitably some idle time. If you find yourself in one of those moments with your boss's boss's boss, don't blow the moment by hiding in your Blackberry to avoid the awkward silence. Tell them something that will stick with them ... give them your elevator pitch!

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